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     Founded in 2014, Bastiano's is the creation of Chris and Jessica Linford. The name came from Jessica's Italian grandfather "Nano" who came from Aci Trezza, Sicily to the United States at the age of 13 to help support his family in Sicily.  He was born, Sebastiano, but the midwife inaccurately wrote Bastiano on his birth certificate and it was never changed.  He used this name throughout the rest of his life.  The logo we use is an actual replica of his signature which we gathered from birthday cards and valentine cards to his wife, Camilla (Jessica's grandmother "Nana").  Bastiano loved cooking for his family, especially pizza!  But no matter what he cooked he did it while humming and singing opera arias because of how happy it made him to cook for those he loved. 


     Bastiano's was formed into a pizza and ice cream restaurant to carry on the tradition of heart felt service and great food. We pride ourselves in bringing together high quality fresh ingredients to provide the best pizzas, pastas, ice cream, salads, smoothies, and more to our customers. We seek to help create lasting memories each time our customers walk through our doors so they become a part of our family. At Bastiano's, our passion is savory, tasty food combined with strong family relationships and this is our gift from our family to yours.




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