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Claire - The ice cream was a dream land of magic and delight. The chocolate was the best I've ever had.


Brandon - That ice cream was Hellamazing <3 can't wait to try the pizza thanks Linford's!


Tera - The sausage pizza I had here was out standing.  The crust was perfect and unlike other pizzeria's, not greasy.  Not to mention the ice cream! I couldn't have enough of the chocolate mint, it had real mint!  The chocolate ice cream was so rich and creamy, the cookies and cream was as perfect as the chocolate how ever the strawberry ice cream was by far the best!  Not only did it have real strawberrys but was so smooth and creamy. I could sit in Bastianos for hours eating their sasuge pizza and strawberry ice cream!


Marissa - The ice cream and pizza were so good!  Can't wait til it opens!


Annonomous - The peperronni pizza was amazing!  Way better than Pizza Hut or Papa Johns!


Josh - Bastiano's has one of the best pizza and ice cream dishes I have ever tasted. The pizza is the perfect combination of puffy, fresh bread with warm cheese and toppings.  The ice cream just melts in your mouth, with a perfect soft and smooth texture and has a rich taste to it.


Nathan - The pepperoni pizza that I had was the best pizza I've had in a very long time.  The pizza was so flavorful there wasn't to much cheese or sauce but just the right amount of both.


Karissa - When I first put that spoonful of vanilla ice- cream in my mouth I felt like I was going to melt along with the ice-cream.  The flavor and everything about it was spectacular! Thanks Linfords!


JoelGreat Atmosphere! Great Pizza! Great Ice Cream! Great Service! Can anything more be said? Thank you!


JoAnn - Today we dined there for our 2nd time in 1 week and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We now know where to go for the best pizza in Bastrop. We will certainly spread the word. The sauce you use on your pizza is just the right combination of sweet and tangy. While I loved the pizza, honestly, the mushroom soup was to die for! We will definitely be back. We wish you much success in your business. Happy Holidays!

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